Third floor of DD&S

The third floor of the display house shows off Strombecker's Custom Built line, as well as the Modern Line Nursery, new for the 1937- 1938 season. 

Bedroom- I have one bed, just not seen in the photo

  Nursery- isn't this the cutest?  The drapes are Dolly Dear, as is the potty.  The potty is not in the photograph of the original display, but is should have been,lol!

The Dining Room- short of chairs, but there wasn't much in this Custom Built set; and only one Dolly Dear picture on the wall plus the matching drapes.  I will remove the rug since I think I can tell all of the carpeting in the photo is solid.

The Living Room- it's stuffed full!  The Dolly Dear log holder is present, and a halfway hidden magazine rack could be in my future.  This room shows dark Dolly Dear drapes- I have never seen ones this dark anywhere in real life.  There is a second set, probably the same, in an ad, so that gives me hope there are still some out there.

It is now all taken apart for painting, and that is sad because some wonderful vintage wallpapers arrived today, as well as the correct red-brick fireplace.  I may have to dig some things out of the big box just to get a sense of how a room will look when done.

I love the detective work, I love the hunt, and it thrills me when a room comes together.


  1. This really is a fun project. I am enjoying looking at all the Strombecker furniture. That nursery! The little duck rocking horse thing is adorable. Sorry it's apart for painting now, but it will come back together.


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