Bradford and Strombecker still moving along!!

My apologies for not getting photos out sooner.  I like to think I am a New Age Grandma, but ok, I am not fond of the computer or blogging.  'Nuf said about that!

One of the bigger roadblocks in The Bradford House has been overhead lighting in 3 of the rooms.  I had a tough time figuring out what Faith used to create her non-working lights.  

After help from you guys, I did find replica electrical plugs and little window suction cups were my best bet.  After weeks of browsing antique and hardware stores, I decided enough was enough- I used a dimmer switch knob in the middle.

I think these fall in the 'Good Enough' category.  

Funny how I can stand in front of this house for hours and not see things.  What the heck happened to the Dolly Dear picture by the door in Nurse's room???

Moving to the combination Strombecker and Dolly Dear Display house...

The first room done (of 14,lol!) is the Modern Nursery.  The curtains are not Dolly Dear, but I could be 110 before the DD curtains show up.  I will add windows to these, and they will work fine.  Hidden behind the toy box is a Dolly Dear potty chair, not in the original photo.

These are also Modern furniture, the kitchen and bathroom.  In this kitchen I made the curtains, drew the windows, and painted the flowers on the sill.  The curtains in the Delphinium bathroom are by Shackman, you can see they borrowed the idea of putting curtains on windows that could be used in a house.

The photo I am working from is of unknown origins, and is black and white.  My friend Patty says because of that, I have great leeway in decorating, as opposed to the Bradford house where I am much more limited.

So!  The little white Dolly Dear kitty sitting on it's red rug by the fridge is an addition, but by golly, it really does belong there!


  1. Great job on the lights! I realize they're not a perfect match, but they're close enough! I know what you mean about the picture. I never notice when things are crooked or dusty, until I take a photo! Love the nursery. All the furniture is so wonderful!


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