Ahhh, the dog days of summer are over.  I really did just lie around for the month of August and in to September.  Now that the humidity and air quality is better, I've been working up a storm!

I primed the walls like Jodi suggested, then wallpapered the library.  I lucked in to a Lynnfield breakfront, with just a few wee flaws, and once I load it with books it will look wonderful.  With all of the furniture in front of it, you can't see the missing drawer!  

I made 2 floor lamps from paper cups, like Faith did.  This one is not nearly as crooked as it looks here, although it is from a broken Strombecker (?) lamp.  The bubbles in the wallpaper the camera show are not visible to the naked eye, either.  

I had the darker blue dotted swiss and used it instead of buying lighter.  Works well with the bedspreads.  You can see I found 2 matching Lynnfield/ Sonia Messer beds to use as placeholders.  A dark vanity is on it's way.  Mom and babies have removed to the sewing room- lol, m…

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I am excited to reveal a 97% finished laundry.  The first photo is from Mr. Bird's book, the second photo is my reconstruction.  

Oops, right now I will go turn the mangle around.

I need a bigger laundry basket, about 3 inches at the bottom.  I need a true vintage bike, and a big white bowl for the blanket chest.  I need a wide angle lens, too, lol.  There is an ironing board back in the corner, but I need a longer one so you can see the top.  I need to cut a piece of the flooring into a rug, but see below,  Last but not least, I need a washboard for the sink.  You'd think they would be a dime a dozen, but I can't find one with a metal 'board'.


The bad and the ugly go together.

We have had more humidity at my house in Maine than I can remember.  The heat has not been intolerable, but the humidity is over-powering.  Look what has happened-

There are 3 rooms using the same wallpaper, and they are all developing brown or wet spots.  The kitchen floor is coming up…

A Visual Update

Took some photos today of the Third and Fourth floors.  For these rooms it is pretty much sewing textiles and filling in details.  Enjoy!

Help! What is it?

I will need 3 of these, but then 2 more that are just the lower part.  I have looked and looked and I have no idea what this lamp is made from.  

Nurses room in my house is 14 inches wide.  Knowing that the camera and book pages distort, I think the widest part of the light fixture- at the join- is 1/8 the width of the room.  That makes the openings of the 2 items glued together somewhere in the 1.75- 2 inch diameter.

I looked at dollhouse compotes for the piece attached to the ceiling, but they are too small.  There is such a thing as egg cups for dolls, but they didn't feel right.  Regular sized egg cups are too big, I think.

The bottom half looks like the top to a baby bottle, but a real baby bottle wouldn't have the sticking up (or in this case sticking down) part.

What the heck are these things????

Help!  Any ideas?

Lights, Camera, Action!

I am moving along slowly in the hot weather.  I was going to show you how I made some of the lights- but really?  You probably just want to see pictures-

One fake pearl glued to one silver pony bead then the plastic bead painted silver.  Black cord and thin jewelry chain glued to pony bead.  Measured in room, then cut and a silver bead cap slid on- with the cup portion facing the ceiling.  Wax mushed in to cup, tacky glue around the edges, prayers said, then pushed onto beam.

Here are some more of the upper rooms-

Christopher and Robin's overhead light is a plastic vitamin jar lid with a vintage dollhouse light bulb set in a hole in the middle, then painted with gold paint.  It took 2 coats of gold since the gold sort of separated on the plastic.  Faith probably had it easier since she no doubt used metal lids.

Lots more to be done in the attic...
I have to go to the builder waving dollar bills to see if I can entice him to make the builtin cupboards.  He told me he liked doing this re…

Good Enough, Exact, or Better?

Of course, 'Better' in whose eyes?

I've put some place holders in, like Alice's vanity- I'll switch it out when the real thing comes along.

See the chair to the left of the door?  It is pink and has a flower on it, but other than the finish it is the Exact chair. I could strip it down, but I think that is a bit risky.  Since it matches the room well enough, I am designating it Good Enough.

My Alice's bed is an altered unfinished TynieToy and was going to be Good Enough.  The other day I recognized on page 113 of Zillner and Cooper's Antique and Collectible Dollhouses and Their Furnishings a red-stained bed that is a perfect shape match to the original Alice - so now my Alice's bed has dropped to a Place Holder.  Of course, if I can find the red-stained bed it would need to be painted and perhaps shortened, which opens an entirely different can of worms.

I do have some Exact pieces, and have relied on friends and dealers to help identify and find examples. I…

Random things-

The vanity is a Strombecker 3/4 size, sitting on a lace covered Jenga stick..  It's just a place holder until the Lynnfield stool comes along, then I will make a homemade vanity.  I have lots of the curtain material left so I will use that. The pink chair is, I think, an exact match.  There was a vanity by the same maker, but since it wasn't in Alice's room, I didn't buy it.  The seller says 'Germany' is stamped on the bottom of that vanity, that is good to know.  I believe Alice's original bed is by the same maker, I am keeping my fingers crossed it will come along at some point .

Yesterday I worked on the ceiling fixture, but I am really stumped.

I figured out the main part is a Renwal lamp cut in half and the pieces reversed, but what got cut apart to form the base and the 'nipples'?

Speaking of painting Renwal lamps...

Do you think she could have sawed a few of these apart to put on the ceiling fixtures????  

The funny color just under the shade is a…