How Time Flies

I can't blame my tardiness with posting entirely on the holidays, it just seems like it is getting much easier for time to get away from me.  Sheesh!

There have been some wonderful changes since the last time I showed you photos-

There are a number of things in the house that I have worried I will never be able to find- or afford- including the Dining Room set, the 'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep' sampler in Alice's room, and how am I going to get a Butler's Pantry built-in?

Well, well, well, look what the builder showed up with this weekend!  Ok, so don't look too closely at the temporary 'pulls', I'm just trialing things. 

I bought some Chrysnbon dishes but they are too small and 'flat'.  I guess I am going to have to slowly build a stock of various table settings.

And my oh my, the Dining Room table showed up!  Lol, TheToyBox on etsy has had a fair amount of things for the house.  One of my favorite shops! Bliss.

And now, TADA!  Nell in Australia s…

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Last time I showed you how Faith Bradford decorated her house at Christmas-

Tree with presents, circle of greens with candles on the mantle, and one lonely candy cane on the piano bench.  What an odd little pitcher on the TynieToy round table.

I've made headway in mine:

The entire right section of my room is empty.  The TynieToy flip top table is on it's way from Ann Meehan, and what is the odd little pitcher on it made from?  I have no TynieToy chairs for this room, but that should be fairly easy, albeit expensive.  There are 4 matching chairs in just this room.

Today I did string white lights all round the house, and hung some wreaths on it like I imagine Faith did.  Artistic license, lol.

The Parlor maid needs to be dressed, or in this case over-dressed.  I am pretty sure I can get a black dress with apron on over the green without altering what looks to be an old outfit.  She has a new feather duster in her hand, but I found an old one in my stuff so will switch out when she is…

The baby walker!

I wish you all have a friend like my friend Patty.  Patty and I talk dollhouses and other things, and share lots, and convince each other we need a piece of Dolly Dear know.  After I posted the last pictures, she realized she might have a baby walker that would work, and sent it to me.  Not only does it work, by golly, it is exact!!!!  Oh yay!!!

Here's a long shot of the other side of the house-

And here is today's project, lol.

This is Faith's Drawing Room, decorated for Christmas.  Take a long look at the spinet.  I don't think it is red stain, and I think it only has 3 legs.  There is no good picture of it, but I have never seen anything like it for me to buy.

I don't have much in the way of furniture for The Drawing Room, but I have the tree and presents- and a piano as a placeholder, and the fireplace...well, I do have a fair amount.  Need to start cutting the wallpaper!


Woo Hoo!  I am euphoric!  I bought a new laptop, and it only took me 4 weeks to find and remember the log-in for The Bradford House Blog.  Yay me!!!  It only took me 2 weeks to download the camera apps and figure them out, lol.  I still can't crop...

Here are some photo updates:

Night Nursery:  I took this photo a while ago, I now have the exact wardrobe in there.  The cradle is good enough for now (I did the gold paint), but I really need a baby walker instead of a play pen.
I didn't seem to take a better photo of the library- and the ceiling light pieces are sitting here ready to be glued together.  
Here's a shot of the house from standing back a little-
Yes, I did put orange lights around it.  What can I say?  I got distracted by Halloween.

My friend Patty sent me some perfect (or exact) accessories:
A ship in a bottle

The doll chair in Alice's room
A Strombecker table for the Day Nursery
The double boiler for the kitchen
Patty has been my support through this process, helpin…


Ahhh, the dog days of summer are over.  I really did just lie around for the month of August and in to September.  Now that the humidity and air quality is better, I've been working up a storm!

I primed the walls like Jodi suggested, then wallpapered the library.  I lucked in to a Lynnfield breakfront, with just a few wee flaws, and once I load it with books it will look wonderful.  With all of the furniture in front of it, you can't see the missing drawer!  

I made 2 floor lamps from paper cups, like Faith did.  This one is not nearly as crooked as it looks here, although it is from a broken Strombecker (?) lamp.  The bubbles in the wallpaper the camera show are not visible to the naked eye, either.  

I had the darker blue dotted swiss and used it instead of buying lighter.  Works well with the bedspreads.  You can see I found 2 matching Lynnfield/ Sonia Messer beds to use as placeholders.  A dark vanity is on it's way.  Mom and babies have removed to the sewing room- lol, m…

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I am excited to reveal a 97% finished laundry.  The first photo is from Mr. Bird's book, the second photo is my reconstruction.  

Oops, right now I will go turn the mangle around.

I need a bigger laundry basket, about 3 inches at the bottom.  I need a true vintage bike, and a big white bowl for the blanket chest.  I need a wide angle lens, too, lol.  There is an ironing board back in the corner, but I need a longer one so you can see the top.  I need to cut a piece of the flooring into a rug, but see below,  Last but not least, I need a washboard for the sink.  You'd think they would be a dime a dozen, but I can't find one with a metal 'board'.


The bad and the ugly go together.

We have had more humidity at my house in Maine than I can remember.  The heat has not been intolerable, but the humidity is over-powering.  Look what has happened-

There are 3 rooms using the same wallpaper, and they are all developing brown or wet spots.  The kitchen floor is coming up…

A Visual Update

Took some photos today of the Third and Fourth floors.  For these rooms it is pretty much sewing textiles and filling in details.  Enjoy!