It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Last time I showed you how Faith Bradford decorated her house at Christmas-

ET2010-32411.jpgTree with presents, circle of greens with candles on the mantle, and one lonely candy cane on the piano bench.  What an odd little pitcher on the TynieToy round table.

I've made headway in mine:

The entire right section of my room is empty.  The TynieToy flip top table is on it's way from Ann Meehan, and what is the odd little pitcher on it made from?  I have no TynieToy chairs for this room, but that should be fairly easy, albeit expensive.  There are 4 matching chairs in just this room.

Today I did string white lights all round the house, and hung some wreaths on it like I imagine Faith did.  Artistic license, lol.

The Parlor maid needs to be dressed, or in this case over-dressed.  I am pretty sure I can get a black dress with apron on over the green without altering what looks to be an old outfit.  She has a new feather duster in her hand, but I found an old one in my stuff so will switch out when she is ready to display.


  1. Nice job on the tree. It really captures the old-fashioned look of the original. The odd little pitcher almost looks like it's made from a shell, but it's a little hard to see. Hope all goes well when dressing the maid. Her face is just perfect, and once she has the right clothes, she will make another excellent addition to Faith Bradford house.

    1. Thanks, Deborah! I am so glad I got this far because I know I will get slower as we get ready for Christmas, lol. I agree the thing on the table looks like a shell- I wonder how I can get a handle on one?

  2. Could it be that the pitcher is made from a sea shell? Great progress so far!

    1. Yes, Megan, I think it probably is. I am thinking when I get my Christmas things out I will find a little shell like that and I can add some kind of handle to it. Faith didn't have to have flat bottoms on her accessories since she glued everything down. I have been using some wax, but don't want to use too much.


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