Second Floor of DD&S

Dolly Dear & Strombecker house
Second Floor
1" scale Modern Furniture

The refrigerator isn't Strombecker, it is an unknown brand I am calling Chestnut Fields.  Lots of folks call it Chestnut Hill, but the white enameled pieces aren't labeled as such like other Chestnut Hill pieces.  They were sold exclusively (maybe??) by Marshall Field's, and were perhaps made by the people who made Chestnut Hill - hence the name: Chestnut Fields.  Anyway, a Strombecker refrigerator will replace it as soon as I find one.  

Delphinium Bathroom
 Not sure I will use this floor, using the Shackman curtain might make it too much blue.  Dolly Dear made a lot of vanity items, it odd that there aren't any shown in this bathroom.  

I have all of the Modern Bedroom pieces (except for the black bottomed vanity lamps); I stole the set from my Schoenhut house.  In this room the curtains match the bedspreads - all Dolly Dear - wish me luck on finding one set of drapes and two bedspreads that match!  The Dolly Dear accessories in the bedroom are hard to discern, so I can get away with substituting what I like.  

 Dining Room
I once had a 1915 Sears wallpaper book, and created this pale blue stripe Dollhouse size paper to be used at a later date from it.  Since Patty sent blue Shackman curtains and the Dolly Dear coffee set is blue, the time is now. 

                                     Living Room
There should be 3 Dolly Dear pieces here: a large round painting, a hard paper bookcase, and a magazine holder.  The painting and magazine holder will come along at some point, but I may never find the bookcase.

Finding or making Dolly Dear curtains and drapes is a little overwhelming.  I still have 8 sets  of drapes to make for the Bradford house, and can't seem to get myself motivated to sit at the sewing machine to do them.

Is anyone inspired to do something similar to me?  I am selling the extras and other miniatures from my older houses to make the moola for my new projects.  You can see my store at  myatticandart on etsy.


  1. This is a perfect setup! Yeah! will send you proposals for the upcoming projects. Thanks!


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