Help! What is it?

I will need 3 of these, but then 2 more that are just the lower part.  I have looked and looked and I have no idea what this lamp is made from.  

 Nurses room in my house is 14 inches wide.  Knowing that the camera and book pages distort, I think the widest part of the light fixture- at the join- is 1/8 the width of the room.  That makes the openings of the 2 items glued together somewhere in the 1.75- 2 inch diameter.

I looked at dollhouse compotes for the piece attached to the ceiling, but they are too small.  There is such a thing as egg cups for dolls, but they didn't feel right.  Regular sized egg cups are too big, I think.

The bottom half looks like the top to a baby bottle, but a real baby bottle wouldn't have the sticking up (or in this case sticking down) part.

What the heck are these things????

Help!  Any ideas?


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