Ahhh, the dog days of summer are over.  I really did just lie around for the month of August and in to September.  Now that the humidity and air quality is better, I've been working up a storm!

 I primed the walls like Jodi suggested, then wallpapered the library.  I lucked in to a Lynnfield breakfront, with just a few wee flaws, and once I load it with books it will look wonderful.  With all of the furniture in front of it, you can't see the missing drawer!  

 I made 2 floor lamps from paper cups, like Faith did.  This one is not nearly as crooked as it looks here, although it is from a broken Strombecker (?) lamp.  The bubbles in the wallpaper the camera show are not visible to the naked eye, either.  

I had the darker blue dotted swiss and used it instead of buying lighter.  Works well with the bedspreads.  You can see I found 2 matching Lynnfield/ Sonia Messer beds to use as placeholders.  A dark vanity is on it's way.  Mom and babies have removed to the sewing room- lol, mine- to be reworked.

And yay!  An Erzgebirge stable in Robin and Christopher's room.


  1. It's all looks so amazing Beth and you found a Erzgebirge stable :) I love that you are back working on the House again after your roasting Summer

  2. I just love the rooms so full of furnishings! It looks ready to play! And it is so neat to see that you are finding so many of the the old pieces, and are figuring out how to make so many of the things Faith did! Keep up the great work - fall and winter are great productive seasons!

  3. It's so much fun looking at the original and then looking at your rooms. You've added so many details. I see the binoculars on the desk, and the blue-shaded lamp in the table. The paper cup lampshades turned out so well (and I know what you mean about things showing up in photos that you don't see in real life). The Erzgebirge stable is amazing! What an incredible find.

  4. Looks so great!! That stable is too cute! :)

  5. What an inspiring project. I've got a number of dollhouses that still haven't done a bit with. Thank you for sharing. Congrats on your new laptop and getting updated on all the downloads to get back to your blog. So interestint. Thank you for sharing, Beth. That mini stables is a remarkable treasure. WOW!


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