The baby walker!

I wish you all have a friend like my friend Patty.  Patty and I talk dollhouses and other things, and share lots, and convince each other we need a piece of Dolly Dear know.  After I posted the last pictures, she realized she might have a baby walker that would work, and sent it to me.  Not only does it work, by golly, it is exact!!!!  Oh yay!!!

Here's a long shot of the other side of the house-

And here is today's project, lol.


This is Faith's Drawing Room, decorated for Christmas.  Take a long look at the spinet.  I don't think it is red stain, and I think it only has 3 legs.  There is no good picture of it, but I have never seen anything like it for me to buy.

I don't have much in the way of furniture for The Drawing Room, but I have the tree and presents- and a piano as a placeholder, and the fireplace...well, I do have a fair amount.  Need to start cutting the wallpaper!


  1. I think the Drawing Room looks terrific!

  2. That baby walker is perfect. It does look like the spinet has only three legs; I wonder if one if them is just blocked by a leg in front? It's an odd configuration. Hope you are able to find something similar. Faith's drawing room looks like it could be a lot of fun to recreate.


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